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GGP Distinction: Family Owned Businesses $20M+

GGP Value Acceleration Services utilized in coordination with tax-smart succession planning ready an organization and individual for a successful transition of the family business.  

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Comprehensive, actionable, convenient, focused industry intelligence to build deeper client relationships and sales

Positioning Statement: Custom Structures beyond Traditional Estate Planning

Value Drivers: Unique and superior tax planning approaches

Benefits to GGP Target Audience: GGP Value Acceleration Services utilized in coordination with tax-smart planning ready an organization and owners for a successful transition of the family business.

GGP Target Audience: Family Owned Businesses $20M+

Partner Profile:

Vertical IQ

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Family business owners who aggressively want to minimize federal income and estate taxes need to explore solutions beyond traditional succession planning tools.

Feat Positioning Statement

Best Thinking

Best Thinking Header : Custom Structures | Beyond Trust and Estate Planning

You’ve had recent conversations where you said….

I want to pass my family business to the next generation, but I want to retain control of business operations and distributions….

Then you need to have a

conversation with us.

Feat Positioning Statement


Conversations Header: Creating an Optimal Time for the Devaluation of the family business


Vertical IQ

Faculties: Legal

What They Do for Business Owners?  —

Offers domestic and international business owners unique business and tax structures to achieve optimal income and estate tax savings in devolution of family-owned business.

How do I start?  —

Schedule a Consultation

Tools  —

Assessment Tools - N/A - GGP to develop tool for next steps

WHAT - What is the outcome?  —

Retain owner control and realize significant income and estate tax savings

WHY - Why are we doing this?  —

Efficient and effective devolution of family-owned business

WHO - Who will be involved?  —

Direct relationship with Lance Rodgers and business owners

WHEN - Best prior to value acceleration strategies. —

Meets business owner where they are to develop a strategy in the devolution of family-owned business in a tax efficient manner.

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