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GO Zone

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Starting an exit planning conversation with clients is often challenging.  That’s why I developed Discover Growth, a high-level assessment tool that identifies a company’s core strengths, risk profile and growth mindset.  Easy to use, twenty question format that identifies potential risks, sparks insights and highlights the primary drivers in helping business owners discover their business readiness to begin an exit planning process.

Growth Strategist, Attorney, Entrepreneur

  Melanie Wall is the founder and Director of GO Growth Partners, LLC. a boutique consulting firm providing business value enhancement services and interim CEO/COO consulting to help small to mid-market companies prepare for successful sale or exit of their businesses.

  Melanie brings 15+ years of visible achievements in publishing, wellness and financial services venues with extensive business development experience. An innate entrepreneurial spirit Melanie has founded and sold multiple businesses, established new departments for Fortune 100 corporations, and brings a wealth of knowledge leading companies from expansion through successful sale and exit.

  Melanie received her undergraduate degree in philosophy and political science from John Carroll University and her law degree from Cleveland Marshall College of Law with an emphasis in tax and corporate law.

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