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Prepared Get Their Price

A trusted resource for business owners

​​GO Growth Partners is dedicated to bringing you best-in-class resources and methodologies to help you maximize business value and increase personal freedoms

​Helping Businesses optimize their value

Solutions Designed For You

​Discover the latest value acceleration resources, tools, and best practices for CEPA’s and advisors looking to help their clients maximize business value.

​Advisors & CEPA’s

​Get access to a wealth of resources and expert advice that can help you grow and maximize the value of your small to mid-market business, from financial management to exit planning.

​For Business Owners

Attorneys need CEU every year to continue their professional development, we work with Attorney Credits to build courses that meet your needs.



Client Services

​Fractional Consulting

CEPA Practice Builder

CEPA Client Support

​Continuing Education Credits

​Current Term : 

Prepared Get Their Price - Coming soon..

​Project Based

Pre-Due Diligence

Business Assessment

​Direct Client Engagements

Value Acceleration consulting

Sell-Side Advisory

Schedule a Discovery Meeting

Meet with Melanie to discuss how to protect and grow your company's value 

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